Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Celebrating Love Day

Just a few fun things that we did for Valentine's day yesterday....

Pink heart shaped scones for breakfast.

Alyssa and Tyler's boxes for school.  We spent several hours on Monday working on these.  Can I just say I am eternally grateful to Ryan's teacher for having the kids make their own boxes at school?  She's the best. :)

We also made 75 of these babies for the kids to pass out to their friends at school.  I think they turned out pretty cute.

Greg surprised me with flowers and a yummy apple pie caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  Can't beat an apple dipped in caramel, dipped in white chocolate and rolled in cinnamon and sugar!

Then our family had a yummy fondue dinner at home together that the kids insisted on eating by candlelight.  And can I just say how much I love bread dipped in cheese?  I could eat it forever.  Oh yeah, and the chocolate fondue was pretty good too!