Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Goodbye summer, hello school!

As much as I love year-round school, I'm always a little sad when the end of summer break comes around.  Three and a half weeks of summer vacation just makes me feel like my kids are being deprived of one of the pleasures of childhood.  But then I remember how much we enjoy those additional 12 weeks off during the school year, and all is right with the world again.  

Today marked the first day back to school for Alyssa, Tyler and Ryan.  Do they look excited or what?

This was the best attempt in a series of very cheesy pictures.

Alyssa started the 6th grade and was glad to find that 5 of the 9 members of her "gang" were in her class.  They call themselves the "Triple Gs" {aka the giggly girl gang}.

Tyler started the 4th grade and was too cool to let me take any pictures of him other than this one.  Don't mind the girl who forgot to say her prayers before she left the house this morning.

Ryan started the 2nd grade.  When asked if he was excited to start school last night, he replied that his "nerves were running high".  But then he added that he was also super excited.

Ryan also has the additional drama of having the girl who proposed to him last year in his class this year.  Her name is also Ryan, and when he saw her walk in the door he gave a giant sigh and said "oh great".  Then he said he'd might as well just marry her so she would stop whining about it.  Greg says it's good that he's already learned how these things work.