Friday, May 13, 2011

Wax Museum

Each year our second grade does a "wax museum" in which the kids choose a famous person that they want to portray.  They are supposed to memorize a 30 second script about their person and then repeat it each time someone pushes their "button".  Tyler chose to be NBA player Kyle Korver (mostly because I suggested it would be an easy costume since all he would have to do is throw on a jersey and hold a basketball).  We made his poster and then I told him we would work on his script right after I finished writing my report and making my poster about giraffes helping Ryan with his giraffe report. 

Well, Tyler decided that I was taking too long and decided to write his own script.  It goes like this:  
My name is Kyle Korver.  I am very tall.  I am the best basketball player in the world.  I have brown hair and tan skin.....

Ha ha ha.  That last part cracks me up.  Anyway, I told him that we should probably google him and maybe find out some things that were a little more factual. 
 And so we did.  
And Tyler did a great job in the wax museum.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's the simple things in life

Who knew that something as simple as eating a powdered donut could bring such joy?  I gave Dylan his first donut the other day.  I was pretty sure he would enjoy it, just as he enjoys pretty much every food/treat he eats. However, I have never seen anyone enjoy anything quite so much.  

He shrieked with joy every time he took a bite.

And giggled the whole time he was chewing.  

It was so funny that I had to keep giving him more.  You would think three donuts would be enough to satisfy this skinny little boy, especially after just having finished his dinner, but no, he was still looking for his next fix.  Sadly, that was the end of the donuts.  

How cute are these?

I was in need of some inspiration for teacher appreciation week when I came across this cute idea.  

I love the tag, it reads: 
"The contents of this can are to be used purely for the treatment of stress due to teaching.  When feeling such ailments, wait for recess, lock door, hide under desk, and consume immediately."
  I made one for each of my kids teachers and filled them with hershey's kisses.  There is a tutorial on how to make these cute cans from the girls over at Our Best Bites.