Friday, May 13, 2011

Wax Museum

Each year our second grade does a "wax museum" in which the kids choose a famous person that they want to portray.  They are supposed to memorize a 30 second script about their person and then repeat it each time someone pushes their "button".  Tyler chose to be NBA player Kyle Korver (mostly because I suggested it would be an easy costume since all he would have to do is throw on a jersey and hold a basketball).  We made his poster and then I told him we would work on his script right after I finished writing my report and making my poster about giraffes helping Ryan with his giraffe report. 

Well, Tyler decided that I was taking too long and decided to write his own script.  It goes like this:  
My name is Kyle Korver.  I am very tall.  I am the best basketball player in the world.  I have brown hair and tan skin.....

Ha ha ha.  That last part cracks me up.  Anyway, I told him that we should probably google him and maybe find out some things that were a little more factual. 
 And so we did.  
And Tyler did a great job in the wax museum.

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