Sunday, June 7, 2009

In The Beginning...

So, several years ago, someone asked me if I would ever consider writing a blog. They had just started one, and were trying to get me to jump on the bandwagon as well. After laughing and then saying "absolutely not", I went on to explain that I would probably be the last person on earth to write a blog. What would I possibly write about? Who would care to read it? I never enjoyed those "creative writing" assignments in school. I don't feel creative at all when it comes to writing. (Despite all this, Greg wants to know why I can't just "write a book like "Harry Potter" or something, and make us a lot of money, since I am just sitting around at home all day anyway.") Anyhow, after reading the blogs of several friends, I have come to realize that this could be a fun way of recording what goes on in the lives of my family and myself. I've decided that it doesn't matter who reads it, or who it entertains, because I am writing this just for me. If you care to stop by occasionally and see what is going on, enjoy! Hopefully I will do better about keeping this blog updated than I do about writing in my journal. It's been about 12 years since my last entry there. Sad! My journal doesn't even know that Greg or my kids exist! So to get started, I am borrowing a questionnaire from a friend's blog. Hopefully it will offer a little insight into Greg and me In The Beginning.....

How long have you been together?

11 years, 4 months, and counting

Where did the two of you meet?

We met on a blind date that neither one of us wanted to go on.

What was the first thought that went through your head when you first met him?

Um, get off the phone and pay attention to me already. I came to his place, along with a friend for a double date. He was on the phone with someone, so he waved quickly, but continued to ignore me for another ten minutes while he finished his conversation.

Do you remember what he was wearing?

Yeah, and it was pretty obvious that he wasn't trying to impress anyone. But after seeing the rest of his wardrobe later, it's not like anything else in there would have impressed anyone either. He simply didn't care about clothes. He's just not a materialistic guy. I guess that's good in a way because it means more money in the clothes budget for me!

Who asked whom out?

Neither. My roommate was dating his roommate, and my roommate insisted that we would be perfect for each other. I didn't really want to go, and neither did he, but we finally agreed to it.
(Thanks Beth!)

When was the first time you realized you liked him?

About half way through our first date. We hit it off really well. The next day I told my friends that I was going to marry him. (Not that he was asking at that point, but in my own mind I had decided that it was true.)

Where was your first date?

It was an all day thing. Who plans an all-day date for a blind date? Fortunately, I had two of my roommates with me who were there on dates with two of Greg's friends. We went hiking in the mountains (IN FEBRUARY!!!) and got nice and soggy and cold. After changing, we drove to Salt Lake for dinner and laser U2. Being a huge U2 fan, this was a good thing. None of the guys really had a plan for dinner, so trying to think of someplace we could go, one of the guys said he knew a really nice place down town we could eat. We proceeded to follow him to Crown Burger. Not that there is anything wrong with Crown Burger, but upon hearing the words "really nice place to eat", it is not the first place that pops into my mind.

How long did you know each other before you started dating?

Not at all. See above.

Where was the first time you kissed?

In the front yard of my parents house, after our first "voluntary" date. I was home from school for the weekend, and he had taken me out for Valentine's Day.

How long did it take to get serious?

Hmmmm.....we both liked each other right away, enough so that Greg would drive down to see me at Snow College every weekend, starting from the first day we met. He was living in Provo at the time, and I didn't have a car, so it was all up to him. As far as getting serious, maybe 6 weeks? He thought it would be best if I gave up the guy I was seeing on the side, and just focus all my attention on him. :)

How did he propose to you?

Funny story, though not the most romantic. He wanted to propose on his birthday, which was June 6th. The ring he had designed was not ready to pick up yet, so he thought it would be funny to use a skull ring with sparkly red eyes that he had. Fortunately he let one of my friends in on that plan, and she talked him out of it. She told him to take me to this cute little park in Ephraim with a bridge running over a little stream that I loved. We walked down there at about 10 p.m., I could tell something was up, and I think he kept waiting for the perfect moment, but it never came. We were never really alone, as people kept showing up and being loud and jumping off the bridge where he wanted this magical moment to take place. At one point a marching band with people banging on pots and pans and even a real live kazoo player showed up and marched around for a while. I guess time was running out to get this done on his birthday, so finally at 11:59 he just asked me, and of course I said yes.

Do you have any children together?

Sure do. A girl and two boys.


One cat named Stripes. Greg pretty much hates him, but for some reason I'm pretty sure Stripes likes Greg the best in the family.

Did you go to the same school?

No, I went to Snow College, and then the U of U. Greg went to UVSC.

Are you from the same home town?

Nope, he's a Provo boy, and I grew up in Kearns.

Where do you eat out most as a couple?

We LOVE Cafe Rio. Although we don't usually eat out there. Once a week, after the kids are in bed we pick up some Cafe Rio take-out. We pop in movie, eat our pork salads, and enjoy our "Cafe Rio Date Night". It's a tradition that we kind of miss when we can't fit it into our week.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?

Orlando, Florida. When Alyssa was about 18 months old, we left her with Mom and Dad and took off for ten days of fun in the sun with some friends.

Who has the worst temper?

Tough one, considering we are both so laid back. Probably a little too much for our own good, in fact. I guess I would have to say me though. Being at home with the kids ALL day long can occasionally wear down the nerves a little.

Who cooks more often?

That one is definitely me. Greg will sometimes make toast, or pour a bowl of cereal, but that's about it. Fortunately for him, I enjoy cooking most of the time.

Who is more social?

Neither one of us are really very social, although I would have to say that Greg is more social than I am. I'm kind of on the shy side, but I'm pretty sure I just come across as stuck-up most of the time. My apologies to anyone I've ever offended on account of this. Oh, well. Once you get to know the real me, I'm super fun!

Who is the neat-freak?

We both really like having a clean house, but neither one of us is motivated enough to do anything about it. That's why we occasionally have to have people over - to give us a reason to clean.

Who is the more stubborn?

Definitely me. I can be pretty stubborn at times, though I don't think I really am on a regular basis. What can I say? I like things my way.

Who hogs the bed?

Yeah, that would be me again, but mostly just when I'm cold. I tend to gravitate towards the heat and leave Greg clinging to the edge of the bed. Once in a while it's the kids who are hogging the bed. There have been times when we have had five people sleeping in a queen sized bed. A good word to describe this feeling would be "wedged".

Who wakes up earlier?

On weekdays, it's Greg, who has to get up earlier for work. On weekends, it's me. Greg can sleep in like nothing else when he gets the chance.

Who has the bigger family?

Greg does. I'm the oldest of 5, and he's the youngest of 7. When we got married I inherited 23 nieces and nephews.

How do you spend the holidays?

Usually with the kids at Grandpa and Grandma's house. No big elaborate traditions, just the usual stuff, but it's nice.

Where do you see each other 15 years from now?

I hate it when Greg asks me these kinds of questions. He's always trying to get me to write down my 5-10-15 or whatever year plan. Or my 10 goals I want to achieve in life, or the 5 places I want to visit before I die. He hasn't managed to get them out of me yet. I'm just happy to see where life takes me.


  1. Nice blog Kristie. I have to say I knew all of those things about you already. I'm glad! Hope you guys are doing well!

  2. Seriously you guys are the cutest...everytime James and I see you we comment, 'I wish they were our neighbors, they are so cute and fun and nice and....' (the list goes on and on)!

  3. I would've never thought of you as You always seemed so out going in High School. I enjoyed reading your blog...good luck on the journey of blogging.

  4. Welcome to the blogging world Kristie. I look forward to reading about you and your family.

  5. Hey Kris. Look, I'm commenting on your blog...finally. I'm really happy that we have reconnected and that our families have been to get to know each other. Oh, and I thought you were totally stuck-up when I first met you. But then again, we were fifteen going on sixteen. it's time to comment on the Big News.

  6. super fun to read about you and your hubby.