Monday, December 7, 2009

Keepin' Cool

Yep, now I'm complaining about being too cold. I love winter from the comfort of my own house, but I'm not a fan of actually being outside in the winter. However, the kids have been dying for enough snow to go sledding, and it finally happened. Greg is a great dad and will usually take them when he has a day off from work, but the kiddos just couldn't wait that long! So off to the park we went. (I wish I could just send them on their own, but I still worry about them crossing that busy street by themselves.) I was barely able to get my coat zipped over my big belly, and had to borrow Greg's ski pants, so I stayed fairly warm even though it was only 20 degrees outside. Only my fingers and toes got chilly. The kids slid down the hill while I sat at the top in my camping chair reading a book. (So yes, if you drove past the park and saw a crazy lady sitting there in the snow reading, that was me!) I'm not such a good sport that I actually wanted to sled with them. Plus I didn't want to send myself into labor by stomping up the hill over and over again. (That was my excuse anyway. I doubt anything I could do could make me go into labor. I spent Alyssa's due date rolling a giant snowball around the backyard to make a snowman, and still didn't have her until five days later.) After staying for about an hour we went home to enjoy the best part of playing outside in the chocolate and cookies!


  1. sledding..... we're expecting some good snow fall in the next few days but sledding hills aren't as prevalent in kenosha. Looks like fun!

  2. Looks like fun! I agree the best part is going in for hot chocolate!