Friday, January 15, 2010


One of the fun traditions that our family has done for the last few years is "Movie Night". This happens almost every Friday night, unless something else comes up that we absolutely have to do. But movie night usually takes priority over other non-necessary activities. (Heaven forbid something else get in the way. The kids could hardly stand it that Christmas fell on a Friday this year and Movie Night had to be postponed.) We get out the pillows and sleeping bags, make popcorn, and camp out in the living room and watch a movie. The movie we watch depends on who gets to be the "chooser" for the night. We rotate who gets to be the chooser so everyone gets the chance to watch what they like best.

Fortunately, Alyssa has finally grown out of her "Land Before Time" stage. Would you believe there are 18 Land Before Time movies? Well there are, and we have seen all of them at least once. Some of them 3 or 4 times. Bleh....

Tyler typically tries to choose movies that he knows will make Greg cringe, so he frequently likes to choose either "Enchanted" or "Hairspray". Personally, I think these are great choices, but also quite amusing coming from a little boy.

When Ryan is in charge of choosing (and if we have recently made a trip to the library) we usually end up watching some sort of educational children's video about trucks of some sort. We have learned all about monster trucks, construction vehicles, army vehicles, race cars, and various other types of vehicles.

When Greg and I get to pick, I think the primary goal is to choose something that we haven't already seen a dozen times. This is where Redbox comes in handy. We don't get to the movie theater with the kids too often, so this is a good way to catch up on some of the newer kids' movies out there. We've also had a lot of fun watching the "Planet Earth" DVDs. There is some amazing footage and the kids even get really into them.

So some weeks are definitely better than others, viewing-wise, but mostly I just love that we are creating fun family memories. Hopefully this is something the kids will want to keep up for years to come.


  1. movie nights are super fun. Since some of my kids are a little older we've introduced them to some of our favorites from when we were kids. I've learned WE need to watch these before we share them. Guess I forgot a lot of things.

    Your ticker says 16 days till baby arrives... so exciting. I hope your kids are watching a lot of movies right now and not just on Fridays. That last few weeks (what am I saying the entire 9 months) can kind of wear you out.

  2. Kristie, you know I stole this idea from you, don't you? Only ours is pizza and movie night in the basement and ours is often done on Saturdays. We all live for it! Great idea. I love that Tyler likes to bother his dad so much.