Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lady Luck

Yup, that's me....also know as The Luckiest Girl in the World.  Just what reasons do I have for making this claim you might ask?  Well, it's simple.  I am a winner.  I win things....a lot.  Some of the bigger prizes I have won over just the last few years include:

*An ipod touch

*A ipod nano

*A family pass to Sea World

*$360 U2 concert tickets

*A stay at the Castle Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast

These are just the biggies, but I've also won plenty of other cd's, concert tickets, and various gift certificates
I've won from newspaper contests, drawings at model homes, and most often from the radio.  The weird thing is that I don't enter contests very often.  You'd think from my track record that it's what I spend the majority of my time doing, but I rarely even listen to the radio.  As for other contests and drawings and such, I don't seek them out either.  If I happen to be somewhere where there is a drawing to enter I will do it, but that's about it.  Maybe I should look into making this a full-time job.  Apparently it's what I'm good at.
My latest winnings were front row tickets to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra perform their annual Christmas Concert and backstage passes to meet the band.  It was so much fun.  I saw TSO several years ago, and loved their show.  I have been wanting to go again over the years, but it seems like it always fell on a day that wasn't convenient.  Well, it just so happens that I won tickets to go this year, and I was so excited.  They put on an amazing show, and being right on the front row was amazing!  If you're not familiar with TSO, I'm sure you've at least heard one or two of their most popular songs.  You can check out 60 seconds of the fun time we had here.
And here are some pics from the show.

I was kind of tricky getting a decent shot with all the smoke and lights and pyrotechnics, but these are some of the better ones.

 Apparently you've got to have long hair to be in this show so you can whip it around all cool like this.

And afterward we got to meet some of the band.  The guy on the left and some of the other band members have been playing together for 31 years.  He is one ugly dude, but he has an awesome singing voice.  

Okay, so if I had to choose a band to go backstage to meet, this would not be the one, but I did have a great time!


  1. You do win so many things! Can you win me Bon Jovi tickets please?

  2. I had no idea you were such a lucky lady! So COOL! Congrats on your winnings!