Friday, April 29, 2011

Nerd Day

I have mixed feelings about my kids' school's Nerd Day.  Should we really encourage them to dress up as kids who are ostracized and picked on?  Isn't it kind of making fun of kids who are less fortunate in the social skills/wardrobe department?  That being said, my kids did want to dress up, and I let them.  

Ryan asked me to help him pick out some good nerd clothes.  He got upset as I was pulling things out of his drawer, saying they looked nothing like nerd clothes.  "Um, Ryan..." I said, "do you think you are supposed to dress up like the CANDY?"  

"Yes," he said.  "What else would I be dressing up like?"
So I had to try to explain what a "nerd" was.  He was not as excited to dress up like a nerd person as he was about dressing up like the candy.  Anyway, this is the best we could come up with...

Since there was never a note or anything sent home, and I was just relying on the fact that my kids told me today was nerd day and they needed to dress up, I hope they were speaking the truth.  I would hate to send my kids to school looking like this on a regular day.

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  1. Bahahaha that's hilarious! They look good and we had the same conversations around here. It's pretty bad when you tell them to wear their own clothes for nerd day. I told Chris last nite that I'm surprised nerd day hasn't been banned since it's a little politically incorrect.