Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thinner Thursdays's time for me to make some changes.  Today I hit a new high on the scale (not counting the times I've had a baby in my belly - thank goodness).  That, along with seeing a few unflattering photos of myself lately, and I am definitely ready to do something about it.  And so begins "Thinner Thursdays".  I considered doing Fat Fridays, but let's keep this positive, okay? :)  I need someone to be accountable to, and that person is you.  Yes, you - the one reading this post right now.  I'm not going to tell you how much I weigh in at each week, because I'm afraid I'm far too vain for that.  But starting today and continuing every Thursday, I will post how many pounds I have lost or (hopefully not) gained.  And if you notice that I start not posting about it, call me out on it!  Because it probably means that I am slacking and need a kick in the virtual butt!  (Do you think this blog is what people are expecting to find when they google 'virtual butt'?)  :)  So wish me luck, because I love baking, and that usually leads to sampling.  Perhaps I need to stop looking at food blogs and doing posts about adorable cupcakes?  Nope, I don't think I can.  But a little moderation will be good for me.  


  1. Nuts, I've seen pics of you and thought you looked great. If you think you've got to lose weight than I'm in serious trouble. You go. I'm sure you can make it happen. I'll cheer you on while I enjoy my ice cream.

  2. Ha ha ha! I love it! You go girl! Seriously, you should consider doing WW with me. I don't think you have a ton of weight to lose, but I think everyone (mostly me) needs to learn better habits. :) Good luck and keep posting...or else. :)